Month: July 2006

Please remember the kittens..!

I’m in a good mood today so instead of bagging another SEO loser I’m going to be a little more positive. StepForth Placement have pretty good SEO beginners article in their last newsletter entitled Demystifying Your Competitor’s Ranking Success. There

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Link request spam

I’ve just had the best idea. It is so original. No one has ever done it before. You see what I’m going to do is create a really lame directory site on some lame .info or .biz domain (’cause all

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When “tell a friend” goes bad. #2

Recently received the following email to one of our support email address. ******** just sent you this link: https://namesdatabase.c*m/********** Instructions 1. Click on your link above to activate it. 2. Complete your info to enter the Web site. ****** selected

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A simple solution

I’ve been getting frustrated trying to deal with a problem with one of our servers progressively getting more and more bogged down. Problem was that cpu utilisation, memory use, and network traffic have been pretty much constant over the last

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