Month: August 2013

Media size and format

mp3 in audacity

What media formats should you use, how large should your media files be and how should you determine your media size? Find out what is the best approach for adding media to a website?

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File size of an image

Image editing

So how big should your website images file sizes be ?
Here we discuss image compression, file sizes and formats.

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Web page file size

Web Page Size

Why is it important to keep your total web page file size to a reasonable size?
What causes size problems on websites?

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File naming conventions

list of file names

What is best practice when naming files in your website management?
Why is consistency in file naming important?
What are the rules for naming files?

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File management

Dreamweaver file manager screen shot

Why is file management important to website design?
What are common issues beginners encounter managing files, folders and directories.

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URLs and Domains

Photo of domain registration scren

What is an URL and how is it different to a domain name?
What are the component parts of a URL?
Here we explain the difference between domains and URLs.

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Accessibility - Alt tag example

What is accessibility and why should your website be accessible?
We explain website accessibility for beginners and why you need it for your users.

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