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Stopping image spam with Spamassassin

Spam image

Back in darker days of the internet, image spam was a huge problem. At that time I found a fix that solved the problem for myself and my hosting clients.

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When “tell a friend” goes bad. #2

Recently received the following email to one of our support email address. ******** just sent you this link: https://namesdatabase.c*m/********** Instructions 1. Click on your link above to activate it. 2. Complete your info to enter the Web site. ****** selected

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Australian Spam Act 2003

Though the provisions of the New Spam Act come into effect from 10 April 2004, many of those effected by this legislation still remain unaware of its requirements. The legislation applies equally to both single and bulk email deliveries that

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More procmail rules for filtering spam and virus attachments

My blog posting Filtering Mydoom/Novarg worm with procmail has proven to be one of the most popular pages on this web site. Since then we have created a few more simple procmail rules to catch the few emails that are

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Filtering Mydoom/Novarg worm with procmail

The following procmail script is based on the script originally found at called “Fighting spam with procmailrc”. For a server wide implimentation the script should be placed in the file /etc/procmailrc . Remember to clear the /tmp/virus.sav file regularly

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