Your business website sucks, bigtime.

We really need to talk…

How long have you been sitting on that website..?

You know the one.

The one you’ve had for 6 years and have never updated.

The one your nerdy nephew (son / sister in law / well meaning mate) did for you but never quite finished.

The one that a friend of a friend, who has a mate, who knows a little about computers, stuck up on the arse end of the Internet.

The one that has no visitors, gives you no leads and has a forum full viagra spam.

The one your friends dig you about.

The one you keep saying you must do something about one day…

Help me I need internet consulting

Ok, so maybe it isn’t that bad, but you know what I mean.

I bet your day to day business gets in the way of your online strategy.

You mean to get it started but it never seems to happen.


Well it doesn’t need to be that way!

You need is a plan, a strategy, that will translate your business visions into goals and provide you with genuine out comes.

A road map that will take you to where you want to go.

And  also…

Most importantly…

You need someone to hold you accountable. Someone who will monitor your progress.  Someone you can talk to when things get difficult.


The good news

Well the solution is right in front of you.

You see, I’ve been developing a 90 day mentoring program.

I call it Internet Leg Up.

Yeah I know it sounds daggy, but can I say, the domain was available.

So I’ve opened up a limited number of trial places.

Five clients is all I can manage and I’m being ultra selective.

So, I can only help you if you meet the following selection criteria:

  1. You have an existing real world business offering tangible products/ services.
  2. There is a demand for your product/ service.
  3. You know how to sell your product/service.
  4. Your business is making money but you want to move it up a notch.
  5. You are willing to take action and direct resources to meet your goals and expected outcomes.

And sorry, but no MLM or online only businesses .




John built his first website in 1995, With a reputation for being The Internet Guru, he has become the Internet go-to guy for his clients and friends by helping them make sense of the online world, solving their problems and making Internet easy. - John's Website

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