About The Internet Guru™

Internet Guru was established in 1998 after John Parnell Pierce had requests to work on web site development and training projects as a contractor rather than an employee. The name Internet Guru was chosen to reflect the educational work that we undertook.

In recent years the phrase “internet guru” has developed some negative connotations. This is largely due to the dubious activities of a handful of internet marketers.

We prefer to think of a guru in terms of the ancient Hindu tradition. They see a guru as a teacher and a mentor. In one school of thought a guru is seen as person who “dispels the darkness of ignorance.”

Our role is to provide quality training, mentoring and coaching for people and businesses who want to take their online business activities to the next level. We would like to help you break through the confusion and noise  to create a path that will lead you to the vision you have for your business.