Facebook isn’t your friend

Facebook isn't your friend

Do you run a Facebook page?

Are you finding that less people are seeing your posts?

Well I have bad news for you…

Facebook isn’t your friend..!

Then again neither is Twitter, Pinterest or Google. And remember Myspace, how did that work out for you?

Trying to build your business on the back of another company’s platform will never be a long term solution. They control the playing field, it’s their bat and ball and you can be kicked off in seconds for the smallest of transgressions.

And you’re complaining that Facebook isn’t sending page updates to all your fans.

Well here’s the rub, they’re not your fans, they belong to Facebook.

What do you do then?

Well the best solution is to get your fans onto a platform that you control. You can still use Facebook as a marketing tool but don’t use it as a repository for your fans.

Here’s a few ideas straight off the top of my head.

1. Invite them to bookmark your website. Provide regular new content to keep them coming back. It’s a thing you know, they call it Blogging.

2. Build a mailling list – get a free Mailchimp account and add a Join maillist button to your page. Run a special offer for your fans to join the maillist. Email your fans when you update your blog.

3. Add a members section to your own website. If you’re running WordPress then checkout BuddyPress and BBPress. Yes it’s just like it’s 1999 again.

There’s heaps more options too. Just watch what the big name internet marketing gurus are doing. They’re usually a few steps ahead of the average punter. And remember to diversify –  don’t invest your resources into a single platform or traffic source.

So your task is to think about ways that you can regularly keep in touch with your fans without being a slave to Facebook.

P.S One final point, there are people making big money from sponsored posts, so don’t completely discard the idea of paying to get your posts seen. I’ll leave the details of how they do it for another day.


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