Beginner web developer interviews

Over the last few months I’ve posted 12 articles for beginner web developers discussing different aspects of website building.


In 2006 Reece Lamshed interviewed me as part of a resource he was developing for VCE students. This interview was edited and uploaded to Podbank .  It was an early experiment in the use of podcasting in secondary education.  Podbank was a podcast repository that I coded in CakePHP and it was way ahead of its time.

Content marketing experiment

Earlier this year I had all 12 interview segments transcribed and I’ve published the transcripts plus the original audio recordings to this blog. This is a bit of an experiment with content marketing. I wanted to see if there is any value in re-purposing old material as opposed to creating new content.

The first problem I’ve struck is that the interviews aren’t as good as I remembered. We mumble, I wander around the topics without clarity and I can see in hindsight that we really probably should have mapped the the session out better.

The second problem is that the interviews make reference to old and outdated technologies. That’s the danger of working in the web space. Tools, software and standards update rapidly. This weeks great coding technique is redundant by next week.

However, I’ve not let that stop me and all interviews have been published with a little disclaimer that they refer to old technology. Anyway there is still some gold in them and a later project will be to edit them in to a short e-book or tutorial. We’ll see what I can come up with.

In the meantime you can read each transcript by following the links below:

Using HTML coding

Web browsers

Web browser errors

Usability issues and menus

Usability and colours


URLs and Domains

File management

File naming conventions

Web page file size

File size of an image

Media size and format

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