Responsive Web Design – why it is important?

John Parnell Pierce has put a video on our sister site, Web Necessities, explaining why you need a Responsive Website.

Some of the key takeaways from this presentation are:

  1. Responsive web pages reformat themselves to match the screen of the device viewing them.
  2. Your site content is the same at every stage of the customer journey.
  3. There’s a unified approach to content management, deployment and analytics.
  4. Google recommends responsive sites.
  5. Search engines love responsive sites.
  6. Mobile internet is shifting the buying behavior of customers.
  7. Mobile users tend to leave sites that aren’t optimised for their device.
  8. Customers are making consumer choices via mobile devices.
  9. You need a responsive website to keep in touch with your customers away from the desktop.
  10. You risk losing your customers to mobile friendly websites.
You can also view the Responsive website video at Youtube and see the why you need a responsive site presentation on Slideshare.


John built his first website in 1995, With a reputation for being The Internet Guru, he has become the Internet go-to guy for his clients and friends by helping them make sense of the online world, solving their problems and making Internet easy. - John's Website

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