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Opensource LMS

Shameless self promotion time. I’ve been compiling a list of Open Source Learning Management Systems on our LMS Talk (Learning managemant system Talk) website. Anyway I think it is a pretty fine list and worth checking out if you a

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Ensoniq eps

Info and links Synthzone – lots of ensoniq links Official EMU site – some support fopr ensoniq equipment Build or buy ensoniq page – good links to active eps resources Ensoniq eps knowledge bank – great stuff including OS install

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Akai s2000

Akai s2000 resources KJ Moses – s2000 links and resources (most links broken) AkaiDisk – AkaiDisk lets your PC read and write samples on Akai floppy disks The Akai sampler list – lots of Akai links akaitools – unix tools

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Enable Plaintext passwords in windows When trying to connect a Window 2000 to a SAMBA machine, you must first goto regedit and turn on “enableplaintextpassword” at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\STSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lanmanworkstation\ parameters\enableplaintextpassword REG_DWORD = 1 On Windows 95 or 98, locate the following registry

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S2000 and winxp

Loading ASPI layer from Shareware music machine XP does not ship with an ASPI layer. So this will need to be downloaded. This can be downloaded for free from Go to START>>>RUN and type in CMD. This will open

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FATAL: emalloc(): Unable to allocate

Error – FATAL: emalloc(): Unable to allocate -5363399 bytes Solution: Found this on PHP builder “you are trying to allocate … memory, and the system is unable to do so. Check your scripts for unused variables and try unset() on

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Fire fighter workout

Workout 1 (Monday, Thursday): This activity needs to be repeated on a consistent basis (from 2 to 4 times weekly), and sustained for at least 15 to 20 minutes each time. By combining your aerobic exercise — whether it be

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Abdominal exercises

Working behind a computer all day has serious health implications. Here are some exercises to keep your abs in fine form. Allabs Laying face-down with arms extended above the head, lift chest and lower rib cage off floor. You may

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