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Ensoniq eps

Info and links Synthzone – lots of ensoniq links Official EMU site – some support fopr ensoniq equipment Build or buy ensoniq page – good links to active eps resources Ensoniq eps knowledge bank – great stuff including OS install

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Akai s2000

Akai s2000 resources KJ Moses – s2000 links and resources (most links broken) AkaiDisk – AkaiDisk lets your PC read and write samples on Akai floppy disks The Akai sampler list – lots of Akai links akaitools – unix tools

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S2000 and winxp

Loading ASPI layer from Shareware music machine XP does not ship with an ASPI layer. So this will need to be downloaded. This can be downloaded for free from Go to START>>>RUN and type in CMD. This will open

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