Accessibility - Alt tag example

What is accessibility and why should your website be accessible?
We explain website accessibility for beginners and why you need it for your users.

Usability and colours

Colour and usability

What is important when selecting colours for your website?
How are website usability and colours related?.

Usability issues and menus

Consideration of usability and menus is an important factor in web design

So what is usability and how does it relate to your menu?
What is good menu design?

Web browser errors

What are common web browser errors found by beginners when developing websites.
Why do sites look different in different browsers?

Web browsers

image of Internet Explorer

So what is a web browser? In this interview Reece Lamshed asks John Parnell Pierce about web browsers. Note:  This interview is 6 years old. It was part of a training resource for beginner interactive media students. Though the browser

Using HTML coding

html coding

In this interview Reece Lamshed talks to John Parnell Pierce about the use of HTML as a website coding language. John explains why HTML coding is important to website development. Note:  This interview is 6 years old. It was part

Internet Guru Hosting becomes Web Necessities™

Web Necessities Logo

Back in May 2003, I put up the first version of the Internet Guru Hosting web site.  It was part of my grand plan of global domination through cheap no-frills web hosting. It was fairly basic, a shopping cart for

Responsive Web Design – why it is important?

esponsive layout on a phone

John Parnell Pierce has put a video on our sister site, Web Necessities, explaining why you need a Responsive Website. Some of the key takeaways from this presentation are: Responsive web pages reformat themselves to match the screen of the

Web Necessities Hosting

We are excited to announce that our Web Hosting and Domain Registration services have been renamed Web Necessities™. With this change we have modernised our products and upgraded all our web hosting packages to include larger data and bandwidth allocations.

PMC Project

What was the PMC blog? PMC was a blog used in a post-graduate course run at RMIT. Students were asked to make postings about a web technology that facilitates communication. Each student posted their research findings on their own blog.