Misleading .cn domain marketing

We received the following email in relation to several of our domain names. It seems particularly smelly to me especially as the company that is supposedly wanting to purchase the domains would have no reason to be interested in our

When websites change – part 1.

What to do if a link partner changes their site content? Personally I’m not particularly fond of terms like ‘link partner’ and I can’t see how linking to another persons website somehow implies some sort of ‘partnership’ exists. We much

Dear Trademark Holder, get a clue ..!

Nothing get my hackles up like receiving an email like this. You are in trademark violation by using our trade mark, ******** in your search links. Google has already removed all references and sent and email to our attorney confirming

Victorian Rainforest & Forests:A 3D Virtual Reality Perspective

The Victorian Rainforest Network has released a virtual tour of Victoria’s Rainforests Media Release Friday 27th November 2006 Today Victorian Rainforest Network (VRN) has launched a website that provides a new way to learn about rainforest and native forest logging

The effects of grey listing spam

A couple of month ago we installed a spam grey listing system on to a couple of our servers to reduce the server load caused by floods of spam emails. The way it works is to identify any email that

Dear SEO, get a clue ..!

Please, please, please try to get the recipient’s name correct when requesting a link exchange. Especially if you’re going to include the letters SEO in your job title. Hello Orders, I’ve visited ******* today, and really like it. I run

The trouble with Sensis…

Sensis is a search engine owned by the Australian telco Telstra. As far as I can tell it was meant to be a Google killer for the Australian market. However, after an initial burst of traffic, I’m now seeing referrers

Please remember the kittens..!

I’m in a good mood today so instead of bagging another SEO loser I’m going to be a little more positive. StepForth Placement have pretty good SEO beginners article in their last newsletter entitled Demystifying Your Competitor’s Ranking Success. There

Link request spam

I’ve just had the best idea. It is so original. No one has ever done it before. You see what I’m going to do is create a really lame directory site on some lame .info or .biz domain (’cause all

When “tell a friend” goes bad. #2

Recently received the following email to one of our support email address. ******** just sent you this link: https://namesdatabase.c*m/1l.pl?c1=********** Instructions 1. Click on your link above to activate it. 2. Complete your info to enter the Web site. ****** selected