Search Engine Optimisation

Maximising your website’s visibility to your markets

Optimising your website is an important marketing strategy for anyone offering services off the internet. This is particularly important in regional markets such as Australia where the ability for your customers to distinguish your website from those of overseas competitors is vital.

SEO allows you to target the audience that you want. By determining the phrases that your potential customers are using when searching for your site and by the carefully placement of these phrases in you content, it is possible to increase visits from customers seeking your services and products.

Almost all websites can benefit from optimisation strategies. SEO is a long term strategy and result will usually be seen within 6 weeks to 12 months. However if your site is already listed results have been seen sooner .

Internet Guru can assist you with the optimisation of your website. We can either assist you in the development of your own personal SEO strategy or for a regular fee we can perform the SEO service for you.