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When websites change – part 1.

What to do if a link partner changes their site content? Personally I’m not particularly fond of terms like ‘link partner’ and I can’t see how linking to another persons website somehow implies some sort of ‘partnership’ exists. We much

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Dear SEO, get a clue ..!

Please, please, please try to get the recipient’s name correct when requesting a link exchange. Especially if you’re going to include the letters SEO in your job title. Hello Orders, I’ve visited ******* today, and really like it. I run

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The trouble with Sensis…

Sensis is a search engine owned by the Australian telco Telstra. As far as I can tell it was meant to be a Google killer for the Australian market. However, after an initial burst of traffic, I’m now seeing referrers

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Please remember the kittens..!

I’m in a good mood today so instead of bagging another SEO loser I’m going to be a little more positive. StepForth Placement have pretty good SEO beginners article in their last newsletter entitled Demystifying Your Competitor’s Ranking Success. There

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5 Quick Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Regularly we get enquiries from clients asking if it is worth using search engine submission services. These services often send emails to website owners making grand claims about how they can improve your site’s listing. However the important question for

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How to get better links to your website.

I’ve been doing some pondering about linking between sites. This is a first draft so it is fairly wobbly. It is pretty well accepted that the key to Google’s heart is to have plenty of quality links pointing to your

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