Website checkups

Site Check Up

Your website needs a tune-up.

There is no doubt about it. Every website can be improved. You may have a fantastic site but lurking behind the beauty are problems you’re not aware of. Do you know if your HTML is clean or the density of your keywords? We can answer these questions and many others. To get the most from your website it should be optimized with our website Tune-up Evaluation.

We will do a website analysis.

You will receive a complete evaluation report with summaries of what is right and wrong with your site. We do not simply run one optimization check using software but we combine 10 analysis tools with our personal evaluation. The results are great. If this site survey does not give
you the information you need to substantially improve your site we will give you your money back.

  • Analyze your HTML code for errors
  • Check your loading time
  • Check for dead links
  • Evaluate graphics optimization
  • Check browser compatibility
  • Review the design and appeal
  • Rate the navigation
  • Analyze keyword density
  • Check meta tags
  • Check ranking for one keyword on 7 search engines

Is your website invisable to search engines?

Poor coding and construction is a major factor
in why many websites are not correctly
indexed by search engines and consequently
not found by customers.

By making websites w3c standards complient
your are ensuring that your website
is properly constructed and at the same time
search engine friendly.