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Internet Guru Hosting becomes Web Necessities™

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Back in May 2003, I put up the first version of the Internet Guru Hosting web site.  It was part of my grand plan of global domination through cheap no-frills web hosting. It was fairly basic, a shopping cart for

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Web Necessities Hosting

We are excited to announce that our Web Hosting and Domain Registration services have been renamed Web Necessities™. With this change we have modernised our products and upgraded all our web hosting packages to include larger data and bandwidth allocations.

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The effects of grey listing spam

A couple of month ago we installed a spam grey listing system on to a couple of our servers to reduce the server load caused by floods of spam emails. The way it works is to identify any email that

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A simple solution

I’ve been getting frustrated trying to deal with a problem with one of our servers progressively getting more and more bogged down. Problem was that cpu utilisation, memory use, and network traffic have been pretty much constant over the last

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Stopping ssh port scans

Finally decided to do something about the script kiddies who keep trying dictionary attacks again our ssh ports. There is a neat article at Debian Administration called Using iptables to rate-limit incoming connections. It gives a couple of iptables commands

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Apache hell

Had a problem trying to restart apache today after editing the server settings. Initially I thought I’d broken the config but it turned out to be something else. The error I was getting was: (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could

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Referrer spam fun

After getting completely pissed off by referrer spam in my log files, I included the following apache rewrite rules in to my server config. It basically checks the referrer string for various keywords and if a match is found it

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rpmdb: fatal region error detected; run recovery

I got an odd error today when trying to upgrade webmin on one of our web servers. When rpm ran we got a pile of errors including the message “rpmdb: fatal region error detected; run recovery” . Running rpm –rebuilddb

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Spam go bye bye

I’ve been running spam black lists on our servers for a few years now. Lately I’ve found that we had too many legitimate emails blocked by this method of filtering and have looked for alternatives. I started off using the

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Changing .htaccess passwords with usermin

A few hosting clients have been ask about how to set website passwords without command line access. I’ve put a short tutorial in the Support Forum explaining how to do it with usermin.

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