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Wild Cards in logrotate

Duh Doh Duh etc (repeat). Silly me has just realised you can wild card directories in logrotate configuration scripts. I’ve been writing an individual logrotate command for each hosted domain on our servers. All I needed to do was to

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Must be the russians..!

A strange request in an error log? Must be the russians..! A missing line in a http request? Must be the russians..! Wierd files in the /tmp folder? Masses of pings from dialup accounts? Must be the russians..! Strange TCP

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Setting up sub-domains

Note: This only applies to customers on server

There is no automatic create a sub domain function on our control panels, so you have to do it manually. It is a little tricky, but once you get the hang it it is pretty simple.

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Traceroute is a tool used for displaying the path and transit delays across a network. To access via a web browser try these links.

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